Best enjoyed in a champagne cocktail

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Expertly cold-brewed for 24 hours, this revolutionary liqueur is distilled in traditional copper pot stills at Dorset’s Conker Spirit Distillery and blended with Fortnum’s signature Countess Grey black tea, New Forest spring water and patience in abundance.

Delicately handcrafted, the tea itself has been cold brewed – opposing traditional hot water methods – allowing the flavours to gently diffuse from the tea leaf for over 24 hours. The resulting liqueur is complex and intricate, with bergamot and orange notes packed into every sip, and a soft, elegant mouthfeel and natural sweetness.

Best enjoyed in a champagne cocktail, it is also delicious served long with soda and a peach wedge, or over ice for an after-dinner tipple. Proof that a cold cuppa can be a very good thing indeed…

Contains no artificial flavourings, glycerine, colouring or additives.


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