barker is your friend. Your confidante that encourages you to go ahead and make the most of your life, take time with your loved ones, or just time out for yourself whilst we take care of your mundane duties. barker encourages you to re-write your story, at our pleasure.

Our Reputation

We are a long established, family run business that upholds an unrivalled reputation in the fabric care industry and more importantly, amongst our loyal customers. We have recently used our knowledge and credibility to create product lines that are barker endorsed. Superior quality and care goes into sourcing and creating the collections and all our accessories that we represent – and that’s why our customers adore them.

Our Services

Our mission has always been to create, nurture and sustain the finest fabrics through confidence, integrity and unique service delivery – and we believe that standing by this mantra is what has contributed to building our superb reputation and loyal customer base today. Our workmanship and ability to innovate, provide value for money and simply deliver an unrivalled service offering is what stands us apart.

Our Customers

Because our customers remain our advocates – we re-pay them by ensuring we always deliver the best possible results. We abide by our traditional values and current approach by combining good old fashion methods, with the latest cutting edge technology to deliver unrivalled quality and service. We are thrilled that so many of our barker community, not only come back time and again, but go on to tell their friends, family and associates what a great experience they have had with barker.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Integrity is at the heart of the barker brand DNA, and that’s why we are wholly committed to ensuring that we are reducing our carbon footprint and are focused on becoming one of the country’s greenest and ethical laundries and retailers.


Why?• To minimise waste by reviewing our operations; ensuring they are as efficient as possible.
• To minimise carbon emissions through our fleet selection and power supply.
• To actively promote recycling throughout our organisation.
• To source and promote a product range minimising environmental impact of both our production and distribution.
• To meet exceed environmental legislation relating to our organisation and its activities.
• To offset, and where possible, eliminate greenhouse gas emissions generated by our activities.

Community Engagement

upporting My Time charity

Part of our brand promise is to make a difference to people’s lives by relieving them from doing their mundane duties and providing beautiful home products so that they can live life to the full and love their home.

Sadly for over 250,000 young carers in the UK, they do not get the luxury of being relieved from their day to day duties due to taking care of sick loved ones. Their home is certainly no haven, for most it is a place where they have the weight of responsibility, and suffer from anxiety and tiredness.

MD Matt Barker decided to take action and set up a charity called My Time.

My Time focuses on giving young carers a well-deserved weekend break in the Purbecks. The young carers benefit from the simple break away from their responsibilities – a chance to reboot. They spend time with other young carers recognising that they are not alone – often forging lasting friendships.  They take part in activities that young people should. Most importantly they have time to be themselves.

For more information on this wonderful project or to donate please visit My Time Charity

Sponsors of Bournemouth Rugby

Supporting our local community is of paramount important to us, for this reason, we have been involved with Bournemouth Rugby for a number of years working with the team and Ripper Rugby. More recently we have joined forces to support a community programme, which we are delighted to be a part of. Bournemouth and Ripper Rugby teamed up to drive a new initiative that entailed bringing rugby into Schools and reaching areas where rugby might have missed.

We are delighted to continue to support the programme that shares our company values of integrity and respect for one another – a game that brings the community together from all walks of life and allows you to  forget the stresses of life and have some good old fashioned fun.

For more information on Bournemouth Rugby’s community programme visit Bournemouth Rugby